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A fully customizable email builder for Angular, integrated with MJML.

// Import the abstract component
import { AIPEmailBuilderComponent } from "@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder"

// Create your UI component, the logic is already done
export class TailEmailBuilderComponent extends AIPEmailBuilderComponent {

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Email Templates with NGB Email Builder's Versatile Capabilities

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Experience the ease of email creation with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. No need to rely on your developers; you can effortlessly design professional-looking emails by simply dragging pre-built email components, rearranging content blocks, and customizing layouts.

Customizable Email Builder Templates

We handle everything from creating your email builder templates to customizing them according to your brand's style and requirements. Whether you prefer a pre-built template that you can customize or want a template designed from scratch, our team will ensure your templates match your brand's aesthetics.

Custom Email Blocks

Our team specializes in creating unique and specialized email content by designing custom email blocks. We'll work closely with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, whether it's adding product showcases, social media feeds, or personalized recommendations, and create custom email blocks that truly resonate with your audience.

Role-Based Access Control

Leave the management of user access and permissions to us with our role-based access control feature. We'll define user roles and assign appropriate permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and modify your email templates. Rest easy knowing that your templates are secure and accessible to the right people.

Angular i18n Support

Our email builder provides seamless localization and internationalization capabilities with built-in Angular i18n support. With our expertise, we'll ensure your email builder is easily translated into multiple languages, allowing you to effectively engage a global audience.

MJML Integration

Integrate MJML, a powerful markup language for responsive email templates, seamlessly into your email builder. Our team will ensure that your email builder seamlessly works with MJML, empowering you to create stunning, mobile-responsive email templates with ease.

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The Power of the NGB Email Builder

These templates are some simple quick-starter templates and are not qualified as end products.

Angular Material Email Template Builder

We opted to develop the Material Email Builder for being a powerful tool utilizing Angular Material's components to create responsive, visually striking email templates with ease.

Bootstrap Email Template Builder

We chose the Bootstrap Email Builder due to our affinity for Bootstrap and its effectiveness in crafting responsive email templates and a wide range of applications.

Tailwind Email Template Builder

We created the Tailwind Email Builder because we love Tailwind and we believe that Tailwind is one of the best frameworks out there for SaaS product development.

PrimeNG Email Template Builder

Our PrimeNG Email Builder is a powerful tool for creating responsive and visually appealing email templates, leveraging the extensive PrimeNG UI component library for Angular applications.

And more templates are coming ... Foundation, Bulma, Semantic UI! Maybe other ideas? Let us know in the Discord channel.