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NGB Email Builder is a powerful and flexible Angular library that makes it easy for developers to create beautiful and responsive email template builders.

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Revolutionize Your Email Designs with Powerful Features

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Email Templates with NGB Email Builder's Versatile Capabilities

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Simplify the process of email creation with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Drag pre-built email components, rearrange content blocks, and effortlessly design professional-looking emails without writing extensive code.

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Customizable Email Builder Templates

Create your own email builder templates with the NGB Email Builder and customize them to suit your brand's style and requirements. You can also choose a pre-built template and customize it to your liking.

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Custom Email Blocks

Create unique and specialized email content by designing custom email blocks. Tailor your emails to specific needs, such as adding product showcases, social media feeds, or personalized recommendations.

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Role-Based Access Control

Manage user access and permissions with role-based access control. This feature allows you to define user roles and assign permissions to each role, ensuring that only authorized users can access and modify your email templates.

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Angular i18n Support

Enable seamless localization and internationalization of your email templates with built-in Angular i18n support. Effortlessly translate your email builder into multiple languages, reaching a global audience.

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MJML Integration

Leverage the power of MJML, a markup language for responsive email templates into your email builder. The NGB Email Builder offers seamless integration with MJML, allowing you to build and export MJML templates with ease.

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Master the Art of Email Building With

The Power of the NGB Email Builder

Building stunning and responsive email templates has never been easier. Our 'how-to' section provides a clear and concise guide for utilizing the NGB Email Builder's powerful features.

Angular Material Email Template Builder

We opted to develop the Material Email Builder for being a powerful tool utilizing Angular Material's components to create responsive, visually striking email templates with ease.

Bootstrap Email Template Builder

We chose the Bootstrap Email Builder due to our affinity for Bootstrap and its effectiveness in crafting responsive email templates and a wide range of applications.

Tailwind Email Template Builder

We created the Tailwind Email Builder because we love Tailwind and we believe that Tailwind is one of the best frameworks out there for SaaS product development.

PrimeNG Email Template Builder

Our PrimeNG Email Builder is a powerful tool for creating responsive and visually appealing email templates, leveraging the extensive PrimeNG UI component library for Angular applications.

And more templates are coming ... Foundation, Bulma, Semantic UI! Maybe other ideas? Let us know in the Discord channel.

Yes, We Can Build Your Custom Template Too!

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Aron Piekema

[...] The last great plus is that the NGB Email Builder converts all HTML to the MJML markup language, making it much easier to test email outputs across various clients and devices. [...]

Since implementing the email builder, it has significantly reduced the amount of support work required to make minor changes to our customers' email templates. [...]

Aron Piekema
Product Owner of Focus Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. Simply email us, and we'll respond promptly to provide the answers you're seeking.

Can I use the NGB Email Builder in multiple projects or domains under a single license?
The NGB Email Builder license is valid for one domain only. If you require usage in multiple projects or domains, separate licenses need to be obtained for each.
Are there any limitations or restrictions on commercial usage of the NGB Email Builder?
There are no specific limitations or restrictions on commercial usage of the NGB Email Builder. You can use it commercially without any issues.
Is the source code of the NGB Email Builder accessible to customers?
The source code of the NGB Email Builder library is not publicly accessible. It is proprietary and not open source.
Can I customize and modify the source code of the library to suit my specific needs?
Modifying the source code of the NGB Email Builder is not supported. However, you can customize the email builder templates and utilize the provided customization options within the library.
What are the terms and conditions associated with the NGB Email Builder license?
The terms and conditions associated with the NGB Email Builder license are in accordance with the license agreement.
Does the NGB Email Builder offer integration with third-party email service providers?
At the moment, the NGB Email Builder does not offer direct integrations with third-party providers. However, you can export the email templates created with the builder and import them into your preferred email service provider.
Are there any additional costs or fees beyond the initial purchase of the library?
There are no additional costs or fees beyond the initial purchase of the NGB Email Builder library. The license fee covers the usage of the library and ongoing support.
What type of support is provided for customers using the NGB Email Builder?
We provide support for the NGB Email Builder through our Discord community or via email. You can join our Discord server for community support and direct interaction with our team. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email for personalized assistance.
Can I receive regular updates and new features for the NGB Email Builder after the initial purchase?
Yes, we continuously work on improving and adding new features to the NGB Email Builder. You will receive regular updates and access to new features as part of the ongoing support for the library.