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Divider Block

The Divider Block is a block that allows you to create a horizontal line to separate content in your email. It supports several options to help you customize the appearance of the divider.


  • border: An object defining the border of the divider. It uses the IBorder interface, but without the “radius” property.
  • padding: An object defining the padding around the divider. It uses the IPadding interface.


To use the Divider Block in your email, you can create a new instance of the DividerBlock class and customize its options. Here’s an example:

import { DividerBlock } from "@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder";
new DividerBlock().toObject({
border: {
width: 1,
style: "solid",
color: "#cccccc"
padding: {
top: 20,
bottom: 20

In this example, we’ve customized the border and padding of the DividerBlock to create a thin gray line with 20 pixels of padding at the top and bottom.