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HTML Block


The HTML Block supports the following options:

  • innerHTML: A string that contains the HTML content you want to insert.


To use the HTML Block in your email, you can create a new instance of the HtmlBlock class and set its innerHTML option. Here’s an example:

import { HtmlBlock } from "@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder";
const myHtmlBlock = new HtmlBlock();
myHtmlBlock.innerHTML = "<p>This is my custom HTML content.</p>";
// You can now add myHtmlBlock to your email content.

In this example, we’ve created a new HtmlBlock instance and set its innerHTML option to include a paragraph of text. You can replace this with your custom HTML code.

{% hint style=“info” %} Note: When adding custom HTML code, make sure that the code is safe and does not contain any malicious scripts. {% endhint %}