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Navigation Block

The Navigation Block is a block that allows you to display a navigation menu in your email. It supports several options to help you customize the appearance of your navigation menu.


The Navigation Block supports the following options:

  • align: The alignment of the navigation menu. It supports the TAlign interface.
  • hamburger: Boolean value indicating whether to display the hamburger menu icon for mobile devices.
  • color: The color of the navigation menu text.
  • font: The font settings for the navigation menu. It supports the IFont interface.
  • lineHeight: The line height of the navigation menu text. It supports the ILineHeight interface.
  • letterSpacing: The letter spacing of the navigation menu text.
  • padding: The padding around the navigation menu. It supports the IPadding interface.
  • target: The default link target for navigation menu links.
  • textDecoration: The text-decoration for navigation menu links. This can be underline, overline, or none.
  • elements: An array of objects representing the individual navigation menu items. Each object has a label property for the text and a href property for the link URL.


To use the Navigation Block in your email, you can create a new instance of the NavigationBlock class and customize its options. Here’s an example:

import {NavigationBlock} from "@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder";
new NavigationBlock().toObject({
align: "center",
hamburger: true,
color: "#000000",
font: {
family: "Arial",
size: {
value: 14,
unit: "px"
style: "normal",
weight: "normal"
lineHeight: {
value: 1.5,
unit: "em"
letterSpacing: 1,
padding: {
top: 10,
right: 20,
bottom: 10,
left: 20
target: "_blank",
textDecoration: "none",
elements: [
label: "Home",
href: ""
label: "About",
href: ""
label: "Contact",
href: ""

In this example, we’ve customized the alignment, hamburger menu display, color, font, line height, letter spacing, padding, link target, text decoration, and navigation menu items of the Navigation Block.

{% hint style=“info” %} Note: that the label and href properties of each element in the elements array are required. {% endhint %}