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The selector for this directive is:



data: AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions[]

This input property is an array of AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions objects that will be used to create the blocks in the column.

withClass: boolean

This property is used to set the column class on the host element.

connectedTo: CdkDropList[]

This property is a list of connected columns drop lists.

dropListCollection: CdkDropList[]

This property is a list of all columns drop lists.


dropListDropped(drop: CdkDragDrop<AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions[]>)

This method is called when a block is dropped into the column.

It transfers the block from its previous container to the current container.


To use this directive, add the ipEmailBuilderColumn attribute to an HTML element that has the cdkDropList directive.

The value of the attribute should be an array of AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions objects.

Usage example:

<div cdkDropList ipEmailBuilderColumn [data]="columnBlocks">
<ip-email-builder-block *ngFor="let block of columnBlocks" [options]="block"></ip-email-builder-block>