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The selector for this directive is:



  • data: IStructure[]: An input property to pass an array of IStructure objects.
  • minHeight: number: A readonly property that sets the minimum height of the directive element to 100%.
  • dropListCollection: Map<CdkDropList, string>: A getter property that returns a map of all the CdkDropList instances of the directive element.


  • dropListDropped(event: CdkDragDrop<IStructure[], IStructure[], TStructureTypes>): void: A method that is triggered when a structure is dragged and dropped onto the CdkDropList. It moves the item to a new position in the array of structures or creates a new structure if it is not dropped onto an existing one.


Usage example:

<div ipEmailBuilderStructures [data]="structures">
<div *ngFor="let structure of structures">

In the above example, the ipEmailBuilderStructures directive is attached to a div element and passed an array of IStructure objects using the data input property.

The structures are displayed using an ngFor loop. The dropListDropped method is called when a structure is dragged and dropped onto the div element.