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This method transforms the IPEmail object to a SafeUrl object for previewing. It returns an Observable of SafeUrl object that can be used for previewing.


  • value: The IPEmail object to be previewed.


  • An Observable<SafeUrl> that can be used for previewing.


Here’s an example:

<div [ngStyle]="columnIndex | ipColumnStyles: structureOptions"></div>

In the above example, columnIndex is the index of the column whose styles you want to retrieve, and structureOptions is the options of the Structure that contains the column.;

The ColumnStylesPipe takes two arguments, the first argument is the index of the column, and the second argument is the structure’s options.

Contained within the structure’s options object are details regarding the structure, encompassing elements like the gaps and columns associated with it.

Included in the returned styles are properties like margin, placeSelf, wordBreak, backgroundColor, and borders, which are determined by the provided index and structure options.

{% hint style=“info” %} Note: It is important to note that the ColumnStylesPipe is set to be pure: false in the @Pipe decorator, which means that it will run every time change detection runs.

This is because the styles returned by the pipe depend on the structure options, which could change at any time.

See here for more info about pure and impure pipes in Angular. {% endhint %}