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Abstract Block

This abstract class is a parent class for all the builder block components. It has a type that is unique to each block and a set of options that can be configured for that block.

To use the AIPEmailBuilderBlock, you will need to create a new component that extends this class. This component should implement the required abstract methods and properties.

You can also add any additional properties or methods as required.

The options property is of type T, which is the interface for the block options. This interface should be defined in your component and should include all the options that can be configured for that block.

The type property is a string that identifies the type of block - MUST BE UNIQUE.

The parseFont method is a helper method that parses the font family and adds the font to the head if it is not a standard font. This is useful if you want to use a custom font for your block.

The toObject method returns the block as an object. This is useful if you want to serialize the block and store it in a database or send it over the network.

Here is an example of how to use the AIPEmailBuilderBlock:

import { AIPEmailBuilderBlock } from '@wlocalhost/ngx-email-builder';
interface MyBlockOptions {
title: string;
subtitle: string;
selector: 'my-block',
template: '<div>{{ options.title }}</div>',
export class MyBlockComponent extends AIPEmailBuilderBlock<MyBlockOptions> {
type = 'my-block';
options: MyBlockOptions = {
title: 'My Block',
subtitle: '',
hostStyles = {};

In this example, we have created a new component called MyBlockComponent that extends the AIPEmailBuilderBlock abstract class.

It has a unique type of my-block and a set of options defined in the MyBlockOptions interface.

The component template will display the title of the block.

When you create a new block using this component, you can configure the title and subtitle options as required.


An interface for the extended block options, which includes the options object and the block type.


  • options: The options object for the block.
  • type: The type of the block.
interface MyCustomBlockOptions {
title: string;
content: string;
const myBlock: AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions<MyCustomBlockOptions> = {
options: { title: "My Title", content: "My Content" },
type: "my-custom-block"

See this page for more info on how to create a new custom block.