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This method applies a middleware method to the given value.


  • value — The data to apply the middleware to. It is of type Parameters<M>, where M is the type of the middleware method to use.
  • method — The name of the middleware method to use. It is of type K, where K is the key of the middleware method to use.


  • The result of the middleware method, of type ReturnType<M>, where M is the type of the middleware method to use.


Here’s an example:

<!-- Apply the "blocksList" middleware function to the "blocks" array -->
<div *ngFor="let block of blocks | applyMiddleware:'blocksList'">
{{ }}

In this example, the blocks array will be processed by the blocksList middleware function before being displayed in the template.

The ApplyMiddlewarePipe can be used with any type of data that can be processed by the middleware functions provided by the AIPEmailBuilderMiddlewareService. These functions can be used to transform, filter, or modify data before it is displayed in the template.

{% hint style=“info” %} Note: It is important to note that the ApplyMiddlewarePipe does not modify the original data; it only returns a new, processed version of the data. This means that you can use the ApplyMiddlewarePipe multiple times in your template without affecting the original data. {% endhint %}