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The selector for this directive is:



context: IPEmailBuilderDynamicDirectiveContext

This property is an object that defines the default context for the dynamic block.

blocksData: IIPEmailBuilderBlockData[]

This property is an array of IIPEmailBuilderBlockData objects that define the available blocks.

viewContainerRef: ViewContainerRef

This property is a reference to the view container of the host element.

templateRef: TemplateRef<IPEmailBuilderDynamicDirectiveContext>

This property is a reference to the template that will be used to create the dynamic block.

differs: KeyValueDiffers

This property is a reference to the KeyValueDiffers service.

cdkDrag: CdkDrag | undefined

This property is a reference to the CdkDrag directive that is attached to the host element.



This method is called whenever the data in the dynamic block is checked.

It updates the incoming context with updated details.


To use this directive, add the ipEmailBuilderDynamicBlockDirective attribute to an HTML element that has the cdkDrag directive.

The value of the attribute should be an AIPEmailBuilderBlockExtendedOptions object.

Usage example:

<div cdkDrag ipEmailBuilderDynamicBlockDirective [options]="blockOptions"></d